Top Criminal Justice Blogs

Reading industry leading criminal justice blogs from thought leading bloggers can provide insights and career advice for individuals seeking careers as police officers, paralegals, or other criminal justice jobs. Keeping up with the latest criminal justice topics and issues can provide valuable learning opportunities, as does a criminal justice degree through an accredited criminal justice school.

Here are our picks for the top 50 criminal justice blogs.

Police Blogs

Top 50 Criminal Justice Blogs

Cop in the Hood
A blog by Harvard-educated sociologist Peter Moskos, who became a cop in a tough Baltimore neighborhood and wrote a book about his experience.

Positive LEO
A blog sharing positive, lighthearted and inspirational stories about law enforcement officers.

If you got stopped…you deserved it
An inside look into the life of a motorcycle cop in California.

Officer Smith
A California police officer with 10 years of experience shares stories and thoughts.

Cops Alive
Provides information and strategies to help police officers successfully survive their careers.

Connected Cops
This site provides useful information and articles about how police departments can utilize social media tools to improve effectiveness.

Second City Cop
A Chicago city cop shares his thoughts on police issues in this award winning blog.

Commander Kristen Ziman
Commander with the Aurora Police Department in Illinois discusses law enforcement issues on this blog.

The Chief’s Corner
The Police Chief in Lincoln Nebraska discusses police issues, crime, and the job of being police chief.

I Aim to Misbehave
A military veteran who blogs frequently about life as a police officer.

Blue Sheepdog
Provides information and training for law enforcement officers including weapons safety and survival tips.

Sgt Says
Written by a reserve police 30 years experience in military, police, and private security who shares officer safety tips, news, crime bulletins, training, firearms information.

Houston Police Department Recruiting Blog
Officer McCoy discusses police recruiting and insights into training.

Emergency Shorts
A blog featuring news and stories of police and other emergency workers in the United Kingdom.

Which End Bites
A well-written blog by a dog handler that shares opinions about police related topics and police dog news.

Ask a Forensic Artist
A blog discussing forensic art including interviews of forensic artists.

Matt Mangino
Matt Mangino is a former district attorney and member of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole. His blog features news and updates from the field of criminal justice and links to his columns in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pennsylvania Law Weekly.

Crime Talk
Crime Talk provides an educational resource at the intersection of criminological research and professional practice with news, articles about criminal justice, and reviews.

Crime and Consequences
A frequently updated blog discussing the news in crime.

Sentencing Law and Policy
A law professor blog discussing news and issues in sentencing.

Public Criminology
A blog discussing interesting issues and research in criminology.

Chris Uggen’s Blog
Chris Uggen is a professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota who studies crime, law, and deviance and discusses these topics on his blog.

Eden Prairie Police Department Blog
This blog provides insights into the operations of a suburban police department in Minnesota and includes profiles of police officers and updates of police activities.

PC Bloggs
The author of Diary of an On-call Girl, E.E. Bloggs discusses crime and police issues at this UK blog.

Paul’s Justice Blog
Dr. Paul Leighton is a professor in Criminology and author of several books including Class, Race, Gender and Crime and Punishment for Sale and writes about criminal justice issues.

Corporate Justice Blog
This blog is a collaboration of several professors of law from several colleges who focus on corporate criminal justice issues.

DPD Beat: The Dallas Police Department
Local crime news and insights into police work in Dallas, Texas.

The Modern Knight
A Deputy Chief of Field Operations in Chicago discusses police issues and why police officers are the modern day equivalent to knights.

The official blog of the LA Police Department shares news about area crime and the police department.

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