Top 25 Forensics Blogs

Reading the top forensics blogs can help you learn about the different careers within the forensics field including crime scene investigationforensic psychologyforensic accountingforensic nursing, and computer forensics. The following forensics blogs provide great insights into these careers as well as interesting news and information about the field of forensics.

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Forensic Pathology Blog
A medical examiner and forensic neuropathologist discusses forensic pathology topics and what it is like to be a forensic pathologist.

Zeno’s Month
A forensic scientist at the Netherland Forensic Institute, Zeno Geradts documents his experiences on the job.

The Charles Smith Blog
A blog focusing on cases involving flawed forensic pathology.

The Depravity Scale
This blog by renowned forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner, M.D. discusses interesting cases and how they relate to the topic of depravity in crimes.

Forensic News Blog
This blog discusses forensic news and explains misconceptions about crime scene investigation.

Crime Scene Photography
A blog with tutorials and news about photography of crime scenes and victims.

In the News
Forensic psychologist and professor, Karen Franklin writes about becoming a forensic psychologist, books, The CSI Effect, and forensic science issues.

Forensic Scientist
This blog from New Zealand by forensic science consultant and expert witness Dr. Anna Sandiford discusses interesting topics and news in forensic science.

Defrosting Cold Cases
A great blog all about investigations involving unsolved homicides.

Psychology and Crime News
A blog that brings together news and information from forensic psychology.

All About Forensic Psychology
A psychology instructor from the UK discusses books, resources, and important topics in the field of forensic psychology.

Computer Forensics

SANS Digital Forensics and Incidence Response
This blog provides great insights and information on digital forensics including mobile testing and remote hosting.

An Eye on Forensics
A computer forensic analyst provides insights into a career in computer forensics.

The Digital Standard
A forensic investigator provides insights into his work in computer forensics.

NETRESEC Network Security Blog
This blog provides great information on network security and forensics including security analysis of major sites like Facebook and Gmail.

Forensics from the Sausage Factory
This blog from the UK provides an in-depth and technical look into work done in a computer forensics lab.

Forensic Photoshop
A forensic video analysis expert discusses the use of Adobe Photoshop in forensic investigation and interesting forensics topics.

A Fistful of Dongles
A digital forensic student discusses digital forensics topics, trends, and conducts interviews with experienced professionals in the field.

Windows Incident Response
A blog by the author of Windows Forensic Analysis provides a detailed look at a forensic analysis of Windows systems.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting Services
This blog discusses forensic accounting, fraud, and embezzlements, and is written by Stephen Pedneault, author of the book Anatomy of a Fraud Investigation.

The Fraud Files Blog
Written by forensic accountant Tracy Coenen, this blog explores white collar crime and fraud investigations.

White Collar Fraud
This convicted felon and former CFO now trains law enforcement and businesses on how to catch white-collar fraud.

Forensic Nursing

Academy of Forensic Nursing
A forum by a forensic nurses discussing news and topics in forensics and crime news.

Honorable Mention

The CSI Effect
A rarely updated blog written by author and forensic artist Andrea Campbell discusses the differences between the show CSI and real-life investigations.

Forensic DNA Testing Blog
A blog discussing news and information about DNA evidence and testing.

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