Top Police Department Blogs

Police Department blogs can be a great source of information and insights into how law enforcement works or how local law enforcement is taking action against criminal activity. For prospective police officers, reading police department blogs can help build knowledge about law enforcement or provide information on whether a police department may be hiring. See the following list for the top police department blogs.

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Did You Know That? (
KSP Commissioner Rodney Brewer provides insights into the work of the Kentucky State Police.

Amherst Police Department Blog (
The official blog of the Amherst Police Department in Amherst, Massachusetts.

LAPD Blog (
The official blog for the Los Angeles Police Department

Granby Police Department Blog (
The blog for the Granby Police Department in Granby, Massachusetts.

Arcadia Police Department News and Information Blog (
The official blog for the Arcadia Police Department in California which includes news and weekly tips.

Richland Police Department News and Information (
The blog for the Richland Police Department in Richland, Washington with accounts of recent crimes.

Dalton Police Blog (
The blog for the Dalton Police Department in Dalton, Georgia.

The Chief’s Corner (
Thoughts and insights from the Chief of Police of the Lincoln Police Department in Nebraska.

Chief Corwin’s Blog (
The blog by the Chief of the Kansas City Police Department.

The blog for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue Unit which includes reports of rescues and articles on search and rescue topics.

Houston Police Department Recruiting Blog (
The blog for the Houston PD Recruiting with stories of police fighting crime in the field and police career tips.

Los Alamitos Police Department News (
The blog for the Los Alamitos Police Department in California.

Eden Prairie Police Department Blog (
The blog of the Eden Prairie Police Department in Minnesota.

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