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Reading industry leading paralegal blogs from thought leading bloggers can provide insights and career advice for aspiring paralegals who are interested in a paralegal degree and achieving a successful career in the paralegal field. Here are our picks for the top paralegal blogs.

top paralegal blog

  • The Paralegal Society – The Paralegal Society is a forum for educating and inspiring paralegals to excel in their careers and is written by a great team of successful paralegals who share advice and tips.
  • The Paralegal – Ana is a senior paralegal who discusses news and trends for today's paralegal professional.
  • The California Litigator – Barbara Haubrich-Hass provides paralegal career tips, how-tos, and educational articles on important legal topics at this valuable resource for paralegals.
  • The Paralegal Mentor – Vicki Voisin offers strategies, tips, and resources for paralegal career success.
  • Paralegal Pie – A blog providing advice and resources for paralegals.
  • Pamela the Paralegal – Pamela runs her own virtual paralegal business and writes about helpful topics like advice for getting your first paralegal job to pursuing a Master of Science of Law degree.
  • Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw – A paralegal in California's blog discussing the news in the paralegal industry and providing tips and information for paralegals.
  • Parasec: The Source – A blog by the president of Parasec which discusses legal research and legal topics.
  • The Estrin Report – This blog by the Editor-in-Chief of two popular legal publications writes about career advice, industry news, and issues.
  • Digital Paralegal Services Blog – This blog by a 15-year paralegal veteran discusses the emerging trend of virtual paralegals and provides great career tips.
  • A Paralegal's Blog – Although this blog no longer updates, there is a wealth of information in the archives including paralegal book recommendations and career information.
  • ABC's of E-Discovery – A blog for paralegals that focuses on the topic of E-discovery.

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