Top Law Enforcement Blogs

Law enforcement blogs are a great source of information for aspiring police officers to gain insights into what it is like to be a law enforcement officer. The following law enforcement blogs have been selected because they provide valuable information for individuals who are interested in becoming a police officer which can be facilitated by earning a law enforcement degree.

  • Just a Cop – Brian Cain is a Sergeant and Law Enforcement Chaplain at Holly Springs Police Department in Georgia. At his blog Just a Cop, Brian offers a unique perspective on the world of policing including discussion of faith in law enforcement.
  • Improving Police – Retired Police Chief and author David Couper shares insights from over 30 years of working in law enforcement and provides ideas on how police departments can help improve American society.
  • 10-8 Double A – Double A is a beat cop who also works part time on the SWAT team. At 10-8, Double A sheds light on what it is like to work in law enforcement through stories of working in the field.
  • Riding in the Squad with Christ – A blog from the prospective of a Christian police officer who discusses faith and law enforcement.
  • Cop in the Hood – A blog by Harvard-educated sociologist Peter Moskos, who became a cop in a tough Baltimore neighborhood and wrote a book about his experience.
  • Walking the Social Media Beat – Tim Burrows is a Road Sergeant with the Toronto Police Service and author of Walking the Social Media Beat where he writes about how law enforcement agencies can effectively use social media as a communication tool.
  • Bad Luck Detective – This blog has an excellent 20-part series of posts that describe what it is like to attend a police academy.
  • Officer Smith – A California police officer with 10 years of experience shares stories and thoughts.
  • Covered Law Enforcement – Covered Law Enforcement shares experiences and insights into a police career from the Christian perspective of a Tennessee police officer.
  • Cops Alive – Provides information and strategies to help police officers successfully survive their careers.
  • Police Mental Health – An interesting and informative blog that discusses the psychology and mental aspects of police work.
  • The Boogie Man is My Friend – A female veteran cop who recounts insightful and uncensored conversations while on duty.
  • From Cop to Mom and the Words In Between – A retired cop discusses life after the badge.
  • Discover Policing – This blog has excellent articles that provide insights and information on becoming a police officer including expert interviews and useful information on the different career paths within law enforcement.
  • Tales from a Graveyard Dog – A veteran police officer provides fascinating stories and commentary about working the graveyard shift.
  • The Things Worth Believing In – A blog discussing police work with a focus on the technical aspects such as choosing the right holster, searching a structure, and weapon skills. A great series of posts called Tactical Preschool provides over 60 lessons that explain police tactics.
  • Cop Thoughts – A cop shares his thoughts on his interactions with people breaking the law and working in law enforcement.
  • A Tenderfoot in Tombstone – A police officer provides a first-hand account of responding to calls in Texas.
  • A Police Wife – If you ever wondered what it is like for the spouse of a police officer, this blog by the wife of a new officer is highly recommended.
  • Positive LEO – A blog sharing positive, lighthearted and inspirational stories about law enforcement officers.
  • If you got stopped….you deserved it – An inside look into the life of a motorcycle cop in California.
  • Dead Investigations – A detective in the Major Crimes Unit gives us an inside and humorous look at investigating murders and dealing with death.
  • Sgt Says – Written by a reserve police 30 years experience in military, police, and private security who shares officer safety tips, news, crime bulletins, training, firearms information.
  • Cop n' Attitude – A cop provides an up close and entertaining look at working the streets.
  • Press Hard 3 Copies – A motor officer in North California tells entertaining stories about patrolling the roads.
  • The Enforcer's Notebook – A cop shares observations and stories about police work.
  • Blue Sheepdog – Provides information and training for law enforcement officers including weapons safety and survival tips.
  • Second City Cop – A Chicago city cop shares his thoughts on police issues in this award winning blog.
  • Think Different – A Commander with the Aurora Police Department in Illinois discusses law enforcement issues on this blog.
  • The Squad Room – This educational blog discusses interesting police topics including new police technology, books, and information about detective work.
  • I Aim to Misbehave – A military veteran who blogs frequently about life as a police officer.

International Police Blogs

  • The Duty Sgt – A police officer in the UK shares detailed stories of eventful calls and how he reacts to different situations.
  • Response Plod – This fascinating police blog from the UK discusses interesting calls and insights into police work.
  • Which End Bites – A well-written blog by a dog handler that shares opinions about police related topics and police dog news.
  • Sergeant Simon – Sergeant Simon provides thought provoking discussion on the state of law enforcement.
  • The Thinking Policeman – Lex Ferenda is a police inspector who discusses crime and punishment, recent police issues, and shares some stories from the field in this thoughtful blog.
  • Police Inspector Blog – One of the most popular police blogs in the United Kingdom, Inspector Gadget provides insights and commentary on the state of the police profession in the UK.

Honorable Mention

  • Behind the Blue Line – Sandra Glendinning, a veteran police officer in Vancouver, Canada shares her observations and stories from her experiences in the field.
  • Detective Chief Inspector Mark Payne – A detective in England provides commentary on his job and his day to day experiences.
  • The Modern Knight – A Deputy Chief of Field Operations in Chicago discusses police issues and why police officers are the modern day equivalent to knights.
  • Ten-8 – A military veteran tells detailed stories of working his second career as a police officer.
  • Raindogblue – These short and poetic blog posts and artistic photos provide great insight into police work.
  • Police Quest – A blog about one man's quest to fulfill his dream of becoming a cop.
  • Houston Police Department Recruiting Blog – Officer McCoy discusses police recruiting and insights into training.
  • Glock N' Cuffs – A 27-year veteran police officer shares accounts of working in law enforcement.
  • The Director's Desk – The Police Chief in Lincoln Nebraska discusses police issues, crime, and the job of being police chief.

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