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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of our visitors’ most frequently asked questions, sorted by inquiries related to using our site as a resource, finding criminal justice programs, careers in criminal justice, and international applicants.

Using Our Site as a Resource

  • I am writing an essay for school about what I want to do as a career, can I request an interview with your staff?

    We are a small organization with limited resources and are not able to provide career interviews or individual advice. If you are interested in a career interview, job shadowing, or similar help from an experienced professional, your local college or university is a good resource. Local police departments and federal offices often run career programs as well.

  • How do I cite your website for my essay or paper?

    Although we recommend checking with your teacher for help on citations, if you are citing our website for an essay or paper using MLA style the following format can be used:Stoffle, Audrey and Laura McPherson, editors. “Page Title.”, 2017, URL you accessed. Date you accessed the page.

    The Purdue University Online Writing Lab MLA Formatting and Style Guide is another helpful citation resource.

Finding Criminal Justice Programs

  • Can you send me a list of programs that meet my specific needs?

    We do not maintain lists of programs other than those that are publicly available on our site. We suggest checking our home page to find a directory of criminal justice schools by state or our paralegal center for a directory of paralegal programs by state. The National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator is another resource that allows you to find programs sorted by multiple criteria.

  • How can I enroll in your programs?

    Criminal Justice Degree Schools is an informational resource. We are not a school or affiliated with any particular programs, and we do not offer courses or programs. For more information on your options, please reach out to colleges and universities that suit your needs and interests.

Careers in Criminal Justice

  • How do I become a criminal justice professional?

    Increasingly, the first step to working in criminal justice is attending a college or university. However, the requirements vary according to the field, the standards of the geographic area where you wish to work, and the policies of individual hiring departments and agencies. For an overview of common requirements for over 50 criminal justice careers, see our criminal justice career guide. Further information can be obtained by visiting the websites of hiring organizations in your desired field.

  • Can I still work in criminal justice if I have had criminal charges pressed against me in the past?

    Whether or not a criminal record is a barrier to entry depends on the field, position, and policies of the hiring agency, as well as the severity and recency of the charges that are on your record. We recommend checking the website(s) of the agencies for which you would like to work for information on guidelines and policies concerning applicants with criminal charges on their background histories.

  • I am about to graduate and am still not sure what I can do with my degree - where can I go for more information?

    First of all, congratulations! An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice opens the doors to many entry-level professional careers. You can begin researching many different CJ careers by education level through our criminal justice career guide. O*NET OnLine is another research resource that you may find helpful. For more personalized guidance and access to further resources, we suggest reaching out to your professors and your school’s career center or alumni office.

International Applicants

  • If I am overseas, can I still take courses from you?

    Criminal Justice Degree Schools is an informational resource. We are not a school or affiliated with any particular programs, and we do not offer courses or programs. For more information on your options and eligibility as a foreign student, please reach out to colleges and universities that suit your needs and interests.

  • If I am not a US citizen, can I still work in a criminal justice field in the US?

    Criminal justice is a broad field that provides many opportunities. Requirements for US citizenship vary according to the type of work performed and the policies of the hiring agency. To learn more about your career options as a foreign national, visit the websites of agencies for which you’d like to work to find specific citizenship requirements.

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