Criminal Justice Career Interviews

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Our interviews with leaders and professionals in the criminal justice field provide insights on what it is like to work in several criminal justice careers and advice for getting started and being successful in law enforcement.

Meet the Experts:

Gary Raney
Ada County Sheriff

Michael Welner, MD
Forensic Psychiatrist

Steve Boyer
Kitsap County Sheriff

Frank Rogers
Okanogan County Sheriff

David Brown
Skamania County Sheriff

David Couper
Retired Madison Wisconsin Chief of Police

Glenn Hoff
Retired Rochester Police Department Deputy Chief

Chuck Shoville
President, Arizona Gang Investigators Association

Rick Grimstead
Skagit County Sheriff

Peter Moskos
Author of Cop in the Hood

Glenn Palmer
Grant County Sheriff

Jamie Collins
Founder of The Paralegal Society

Mariana Fradman
President, New York Paralegal Association

John Goudie
President, Paralegal Association of Wisconsin

Rachel Nesbit
VP, Mississippi Paralegal Association

Lori Boris
President, Minnesota Paralegal Association

Dr. Diana Dolliver
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

Mark Pryor
Assistant District Attorney and Author

Kristine Custodio
President, San Diego Paralegal Association

Lynda Cmara
New Haven County Association of Paralegals

Additional Interviews

Dr. Scott Thornsley, former executive in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and current Associate Professor & Chair of the Criminal Justice Administration at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.


Jason R. Collins, Senior FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst and National Spokesperson for the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association.

Sheriff Interviews

Sheriff Bill Elfo, Whatcom County in Washington

Police Officer Interviews

Interview with a California motorcycle police officer and author of the blog Motorcop.

Gang Investigator Interviews

Gary Killam, President of the Florida Gang Investigators Association

Ron Hampton, President of the East Coast Gang Investigators Association

Tim Hock, President of the Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association

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Are you ready to find a school that's aligned with your interests?

Search schools to find the program that's right for you.