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Nevada Criminal Justice Schools

  • 7 schools offering criminal justice degrees in Nevada are in our database. (see below)
  • 4 offer associate’s degrees or certificates, 3 of them offer bachelor’s degrees and above, and 3 offer a mix of bachelor’s and master’s
  • We found no schools in Nebraska ranked in US News and World Reports that have a criminal justice program
  • According to Kiplinger’s, Nebraska has 1 university ranked in the top 100 for “Values in Public Colleges”; #82 University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
  • 10 campus-based and online schools in Nebraska are available for requesting information.

Profiles of Well-Known Schools

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV): At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas the Department of Criminal Justice has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice as well as a Traditional Masters and a Professional Masters. The Traditional Masters is designed to prepare students for doctoral study while the Professional Masters helps them to advance to supervisory and management positions. The 10 full-time faculty members are experts in criminal psychology, survey research, terrorism and political violence, and comparative criminology. The undergraduate internship program is designed for students to earn three to six credit hours through field experience.

College of Southern Nevada: The Department of Public Safety and Human Services at the College of Southern Nevada has the Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice as well as a Police Academy. Criminal Justice students take 27 credit hours of major courses such as Introduction to Corrections, Survey of Criminal Law and Juvenile Justice System. Individuals that graduate from the Police Academy leave with 33 criminal justice credits and a Category 1 Diploma that is approved by the Nevada Post Committee. The Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice is one of CSN’s 30 degree and certificate programs that are offered entirely online.

Nevada Criminal Justice Salary and Jobs

Occupation Number Employed Average Annual Salary
Correctional Officers and Jailers N/A N/A
First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives 800 N/A
Detectives and Criminal Investigators 630 $77,290
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers 4,440 $67,450

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2012.

Respected leaders who have graduated from universities in Nevada

  • Douglas County Nevada Sheriff Ronald Pierini – University of Nevada, Reno, NV
  • Washoe County Nevada Sheriff Michael A. Haley- Northeast Missouri State University
  • Henderson, Nevada Police Chief James White-Nevada State College, Southern Nevada University, NV
Police Quote: “Don’t be afraid of a variety of assignments. Try them all, to see what really appeals to you. What you think you may like, you may not. And vice-versa. A well rounded officer has a better chance of advancement.” -Dave Markss, President of the California District Attorney Investigators’ Association

Nevada Criminal Justice Degrees

Nevada has criminal justice degree programs located in cities like Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson and Carson City as well as convenient online programs. Here you’ll have the option of training for Hotel & Industry Security, Emergency Management Administration, law enforcement, and more.

Despite recent hard times in the gambling industry, Nevada still represents the good career opportunities for gaming surveillance officers and gaming investigators who are responsible for overseeing operations at gambling venues, detecting illicit behavior by staff or gamblers using high-tech surveillance methods. In addition to the gaming and hotel industry, state and local government also employs workers in this specialized field, and Nevada is the leading state for these positions.

Nevada Criminal Justice Salary

Careers in the criminal justice field in Nevada are broad with many jobs offering competitive pay and attractive benefits. Police officers in Nevada earn an average annual salary of $65,840 1 while police first-line supervisors earn an average of $96,310.1 As a correctional officer you can expect to earn an average of $55,760 1 per year. Criminal investigators and detectives earn an average of $76,950 1 in the state of Nevada. On average paralegals and legal assistants in Nevada make a yearly salary of $51,5801 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the state of Nevada, the Private Investigators Licensing Board oversees licensing for private investigators, process servers, repo men or women, and more. Licensed bail enforcement agents and bounty hunters are regulated by the State Division of Insurance. Within the criminal justice field, the private sector offers an alternative to government employment, while the explosion in technology has given rise to new job descriptions like computer forensics and IT crime specialist.

Nevada’s Criminal Justice Employment Outlook 2,3,4,5

As of September 2014, the unemployment rate for Nevada is 7.3%. This is above the national average of 5.8%. Nevada experienced peak unemployment in December of 2009, when the unemployment rate reached 14.5%. The state unemployment low was recorded at 5% in January of 2008. Government-related employment is a good proxy for criminal justice jobs in Nevada. According to Projection Central, the following criminal justice jobs are included for the state of Nevada:

  • Police and Sheriff Patrol: 160 annual openings/88% in positions report some college or bachelor’s degree
  • Correctional Officers: 90 annual openings/60% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators: 20 annual openings
  • Security Guards: 550 annual openings
  • Paralegals: 70 annual openings/88% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree
  • Forensic Science Technicians: 10 annual openings

These openings are a result of growth and replacement.

The Mercatus Center, a conservative think tank, rated and analyzed each state’s long-term solvency. After an analysis of the state’s budgeting process, its cash/tax collection, and pensions, Nevada was ranked 29th in the nation. This can indicate that new hires should pay close attention to the state’s ability to fulfill its obligation to its employees.

Online and Nevada Criminal Justice Schools

If you live in Nevada, we recommend the following accredited campus-based and online criminal justice programs for students interested in pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the growing field of criminal justice.

Searching for Schools...

Tip: If you don’t live near a campus-based school that offers a program of interest, consider an online degree or a university in an adjacent state (California, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona).

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Directory of Nevada Universities Offering Criminal Justice Degrees

College of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas)
Associate of Arts | Criminal Justice
Associate of Arts | Criminal Justice (online program)
Associate of Applied Science | Criminal Justice
Associate of Applied Science | Criminal Justice (online program)
Associate of Applied Science | Law Enforcement Training Academy
Associate of Applied Science | Law Enforcement Training Academy (online program)
Associate of Applied Science | Computing and Information Technology: Electronic Crime Investigation
Certificate of Achievement | Criminal Justice
Certificate of Achievement | Criminal Justice (online program)
Certificate of Achievement | Law Enforcement Training Academy

Great Basin College (Elko)
Associate of Applied Science | Corrections
Associate of Applied Science | Human Services
Associate of Applied Science | Law Enforcement
Bachelor of Science | Social Work (3 + 1 program with University of Nevada- Reno)
Certificate of Achievement | Substance Abuse Counselor

Nevada State College (Henderson)
Bachelor of Applied Science | Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts | Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Public Administration | Law Enforcement
Minor | Law Enforcement
Minor | Criminal Justice
Minor | Social Justice

Truckee Meadows Community College (Reno)
Associate of Arts | Criminal Justice
Associate of Applied Science | Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement
Certificate | Northern Nevada Law Enforcement Academy

Student Review: “Truckee Meadows Community College is a wonderful school. The campus sits on a hill overlooking the Reno/Sparks area. The view is beautiful, especially at night. The student body and school faculty are very diverse. This gave me a great opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life and learn things that books can’t teach. All of the teachers I have had really were interested in seeing their students succeed and were always available when I needed help. One thing I don’t like about TMCC is that some courses are not offered every semester, and sometimes courses are not offered for a year or more at a time. There are always other courses available that will fulfill degree requirements, but there have been a couple of classes that I wanted to take that have not been available in quite some time. Parking can also be a hassle, especially during the afternoon. Overall, my experiences at Truckee Meadows Community College have been very positive and I highly recommend this college.” -Cynthia H., student at Truckee Meadows Community College

University of Nevada-Las Vegas (Las Vegas)
Bachelor of Arts | Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts | Philosophy: Law and Justice
Bachelor of Science | Human Services
Master of Arts | Traditional Criminal Justice degree
Master of Arts | Professional Criminal Justice degree
Master of Science | Executive Crisis and Emergency Management
Master of Social Work & Juris Doctor | Dual degree program
PhD | Criminology and Criminal Justice
Minor | Criminal Justice
Minor | Philosophy: Law and Justice
Minor | Addictions Prevention
Minor | Addictions Treatment
Minor | Human Services
Minor | Military Science
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Public Management

University of Nevada-Reno (Reno)
Bachelor of Arts | Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts | Criminal Justice: Law and Justice
Master of Arts | Criminal Justice
Master of Judicial Studies degree
Master of Arts | Ethics, Law, and Politics
Master of Justice Management | Juvenile Justice Management
Master of Justice Management | Adult Justice Management
Master of Justice Management | Executive Court and Agency Administration
Master of Arts | Psychology: Behavior Analysis
PhD | Judicial Studies
PhD | Psychology: Behavior Analysis
PhD | Social Psychology
Minor | Addiction Treatment Services
Minor | Cyber Security
Minor | Military Science
Certificate | Addiction Treatment and Prevention Services
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Ethics, Law, and Politics
Advanced Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Addiction Treatment and Prevention Services
Advanced Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Cyber Security

Western Nevada College (Carson City)
Associate of Applied Science | Criminal Justice
Associate of Arts | Criminal Justice
Certificate of Achievement | Criminal Justice

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