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Hawaii Criminal Justice Schools

  • 7 schools offering criminal justice degrees in Hawaii are in our database. (see below)
  • 4 offer associate’s degrees or certificates, 2 of them offer bachelor’s degrees and above, and 2 offer a mix of bachelor’s and master’s
  • We found no schools in Hawaii ranked in US News and World Reports that have a criminal justice program
  • According to Kiplinger’s, Hawaii has no universities ranked in the top 100 for “Values in Public Colleges”
  • 10 campus-based and online schools in Hawaii are available for requesting information.

Profiles of Well-Known Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii Pacific University: The Social Sciences Department at Hawaii Pacific University has a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Administration for those who want a career in corrections, law or law enforcement. Students complete a combination of justice administration, psychology and sociology courses to provide themselves with a well-rounded course of study about the contributors and responses of criminal activity. Individuals enrolled in this program at HPU have access to the top research facilities in the state, with the US News and World Report placing this institution in the Tier 1 category in their “Best Colleges of 2011.” The faculty within the Department of Social Sciences are top rated specialists in law enforcement, human services, and criminal psychology.

University of Hawaii, Hilo: The University of Hawaii, Hilo has an interdisciplinary program in its College of Arts and Sciences, the Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice. Courses cover a variety of focuses that cater to students’ specific interest ranging from Drug Awareness to Juvenile Delinquency. Students can earn course credit through experience with the college’s internship program, connecting them to dozens of different local, county, state, and federal agencies. The University of Hawaii, Hilo has one of the lowest faculty to student ratios among major universities in the state and the average undergraduate classroom has only 18 students.

Hawaii Criminal Justice Salary and Jobs

Occupation Number Employed Average Annual Salary
Correctional Officers and Jailers 1,650 $48,160
First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives 660 $85,000
Detectives and Criminal Investigators 480 $87,790
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers 2,480 $55,440

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2012.

Hawaii Criminal Justice Degrees

Hawaii Criminal Justice DegreesThe Federal government has a long history of involvement in Hawaii through the military. However, there is more to the government’s presence in Hawaii than just Pearl Harbor and Schofield Barracks. Hawaii also serves as a base for the FBI and its programs throughout the American protectorates and territories in the Pacific. Honolulu also has a major international airport with needs for specialists in Homeland Security. Finally, there is a Federal Detention Center also located at Honolulu Airport. All of these Federal operations require the service of skilled criminal justice graduates.

The Hawaii Department of Public Safety encompasses both Law Enforcement and Corrections. Positions with the DPS carry generous benefits and a competitive salary. The DPS provides significant preference to individuals with criminal justice degrees, waiving or reducing education and experience requirements in many cases.

The Hawaii County Police Department (serving the Big Island) currently pays officers a starting salary of $51,240 1 in addition to generous benefits. The Honolulu Police Department, which serves all of Oahu, expects to see a college degree for officers who wish to be promoted through the ranks. Although the Big Island and Oahu represent the majority of Hawaii’s population, there are also positions for criminal justice graduates on other islands’ police force as well. Patrol and police officers in Hawaii make an average annual wage of $54,140.2

Respected leaders who have graduated from universities in Hawaii

  • Honolulu Police Chief Louis M. Kealoha- Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI
  • Hawai’i State Sheriff Keith Kamita – Chaminade University, Honolulu, HI
  • Hawaii Police Chief Harry S. Kubojiri – University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, HI
Police Quote: “The best advice I ever received was, ‘if you start to approach a location during a call, and the hair on your neck stands up, something isn’t right.’ Listen to that sixth sense.” -Officer Tony Masten

Hawaii’s Criminal Justice Employment Outlook 3,4,5,6

As of September 2014, Hawaii’s unemployment rate is 4.2%, which is lower than the national average of 5.8%. This is below the January 2010 peak unemployment rate of 7%, and still above the state’s low of 3% in January 2008. Government employment is a good indicator of Hawaii’s prospective criminal justice jobs. Projection Central includes the following criminal justice jobs:

  • Police and Sheriff Patrol: 90 annual openings/88% in positions report some college or bachelor’s degree
  • Correctional Officers: 70 annual openings/60% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators: 10 annual openings
  • Security Guards: 240 annual openings
  • Paralegals: 20 annual openings/88% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree

It should be understood, that these position openings are a result of growth and replacement.

The Mercatus Center, a conservative think tank, rated and analyzed the long-term solvency of each state government. After an analysis of Hawaii’s budgeting process, cash/tax collection, and pensions, the center ranked the state 40th in the nation. This is an indicator that new employees should watch for the state’s ability to fulfill employee pension obligations.

Online and Hawaii Criminal Justice Schools

If you are interested learning more about a Hawaii criminal justice degree we recommend the following accredited campus-based and online criminal justice programs for students interested in pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the growing field of criminal justice.

Searching for Schools...

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Directory of Hawaii Universities Offering Criminal Justice Degrees

Chaminade University of Honolulu (Honolulu)
Associate of Science | Criminology and Criminal Justice
Associate of Science | Criminology and Criminal Justice (online program)
Bachelor of Science | Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science | Criminology and Criminal Justice (online program)
Master of Science | Criminal Justice Administration (online program)
Master of Science | Criminal Justice Administration: Correctional Track (online program)
Master of Science | Criminal Justice Administration: Law Enforcement Track (online program)
Master of Science | Criminal Justice Administration: Hybrid Track (online program)
Master of Science | Forensic Sciences
Minor | Criminology and Criminal Justice
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Forensic Sciences
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Homeland Security Leadership Development

Hawaii Community College (Hilo)
Associate of Science | Administration of Justice
Certificate of Competence | Homeland Security
Certificate of Competence | Criminal Justice Addictions Professional

Hawaii Pacific University (Honolulu)
Associate of Science | Criminal Justice
Associate of Science | Homeland Security
Associate of Science | Military Studies
Bachelor of Science | Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science | Diplomacy and Military Studies
Master of Arts | Diplomacy and Military Studies
Minor | Diplomacy and Military Studies
Minor | Justice Administration
Minor | Criminal Justice
Certificate | Forensic Health Science
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | National Security and Strategic Studies
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | International Disaster and Emergency Management

Honolulu Community College (Honolulu)
Associate of Applied Science | Administration of Justice
Diploma | Basic Recruit Training: Corrections
Diploma | Basic Recruit Training: Law Enforcement
Army ROTC Course | Military Science and Leadership
Air Force ROTC Course | Aerospace Sciences

Maui Community College (Kahului)
Associate of Applied Science | Administration of Justice
Certificate of Achievement | Administration of Justice
Certificate of Competence | Administration of Justice
Academic Subject Certificate | Marine Program

Remington College (Honolulu)
Associate Degree | Criminal Justice
Bachelor Degree | Criminal Justice
Bachelor Degree | Criminal Justice (online program)

University of Hawaii at Hilo (Hilo)
Bachelor of Arts | Administration of Justice

Student Review: “The University of Hawaii at Hilo was a great university to attend not only because it is in my home town but because it is a great value. The Marine Science program is definitely one of the better programs in the country because of the university’s proximity to tropical reefs! The school is small enough so that the professors get to know you personally but large enough that you still feel like you’re part of something bigger. I obtained a great job working for the local state government and it is in great part to the professors at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. All in all a great university in a great community all at a great price.” -Greg T., student at University of Hawaii, Hilo

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