All About Texas Department of Criminal Justice

This page provides useful resources for individuals seeking information regarding the Department of Criminal Justice in Texas. This site also features criminal justice degree information for the states adjacent to Texas: New MexicoOklahomaArkansas, and Louisiana.

Jurisdiction of Texas

Famous Texas Court Cases

  • Roe v. Wade: Supreme Court decision that took place in the Northern District of Texas and regarding abortion law.
  • Texas v. Johnson: Landmark case referencing desecration of the flag.
  • Railroad Commission of Texas v. Pullman Company: This case resulted in a Supreme Court decision being passed down regarding the legality of bringing a state case into federal court.
  • Texas v. White: A case regarding the legitimacy of the sale of United States bonds by a state involved in secession.
  • City of Cleburne, Texas v. Cleburne Living Center, Inc.: Supreme Court ruled on a case that dealt with discrimination of mentally handicapped individuals.
  • Hernandez v. Texas: Discusses the 14th amendment of the Constitution in regard to equal protection across the races.
  • Lillian’s Law: A highly publicized case regarding the repercussion that a dog owner may face after the dog has attacked or mauled someone.
  • Hopwood v. Texas: A civil rights case regarding affirmative action in reference to college admissions.

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