Michigan State Police Trooper Requirements

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The Michigan State Police (MSP) provides state-level police services to citizens and visitors in the state. As part of this mission, Michigan State Police Troopers work to enforce laws and enhance public safety on the state’s highways and rural roads. Troopers may also work in related law enforcement assignments such as safety inspections and search and recovery. In this guide, you will find further information on what Michigan State Police Troopers do and how to become one.

Steps to Becoming a Michigan State Police Trooper

  • Apply for and take the Michigan Civil Service Entry-Level Law Enforcement Exam.

  • Submit the NEOGOV State Police Trooper application.

  • Submit a supplemental application once requested.

  • Pass the physical agility test.

  • Appear for a pre-screening interview.

  • Pass the background investigation.

  • Appear for a formal hiring interview.

  • Complete approximately 20 weeks of recruit training at the Michigan State Police Training Academy.

  • Complete 17 weeks of field training as a probationary recruit.

  • Begin working independently as a Michigan State Trooper.

  • How to Become a Michigan State Police Trooper

    To be considered for employment with the Michigan State Police as a sworn officer, applicants must be at least 21 years of age and a US citizen, have no felony convictions, and possess a valid driver’s license with no citations or violations in the previous two years. Candidates must also pass an entry-level law enforcement examination and meet physical fitness standards. Note that candidates may take the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam at the age of 18, but must be at least 20 years of age to enter the training academy and be 21 years of age at the time of academy graduation. After passing the exams, candidates undergo a thorough background investigation and must complete at least two personal interviews. Accepted recruits complete 20 to 22 weeks of recruit training at the Michigan State Police Training Academy followed by 17 weeks of field training, after which successful troopers are certified to work alone.

    Michigan State Police Trooper Job Description

    Michigan State Police Troopers have a range of duties. Primary duties include traffic law enforcement, including making traffic stops, enforcing drunk driving laws, and auto theft prevention and detection. Community response activities involve promoting a safe environment in roadways and public thoroughfares, including emergency weather response. Michigan State Police also investigate various criminal activities like assault, drug trafficking and possession, theft, identity theft, arson, and other crimes. Troopers who qualify may apply to move into specialized roles within the Michigan State Police in areas like investigative support, forensic analysis, biometrics, or executive protection.

    Michigan State Police Trooper Training, Prerequisites, and Education Requirements

    The Michigan State Police requires that trooper applicants have a high school diploma or GED and meet all requirements outlined above. Applicants must also pass the rigorous screening process that includes a written civil service exam, a physical fitness test, two personal interviews, and a background investigation. Those who pass all stages of the hiring process will be conditionally appointed as trooper recruits and be invited to complete training at the Michigan State Police Training Academy.

    The Michigan State Police Training Academy, located in Lansing, is a comprehensive program that is designed to develop law enforcement skills. Candidates should be in excellent physical condition prior to entering training as the training academy is physically intense. Recruit training lasts for 20 to 22 weeks and in addition to physical training and conditioning includes training in law enforcement skills such as firearms use, first response, investigation, and surveillance. Troopers who have higher ranks overall at graduation have a greater chance of being assigned to their preferred location(s). Following graduation, new troopers are assigned to a Field Training Officer for a 17-week probation period, after which troopers are certified to work independently.

    Michigan State Police Trooper Salary and Job Outlook

    Positions on the Michigan State Police force are competitive, and those who succeed are offered a range of benefits. Recruits are provided a $1,700 bi-weekly stipend during training.1 Once sworn in as a Michigan State Police officer, the annual starting salary is $44,000 with annual and performance increases up to a base salary of $66,000 after 20 years of service.1 Benefits for Michigan State Police Troopers include full health and dental insurance, service longevity payments after six years, and paid holidays, sick days, and vacation. Retirement benefits for qualifying retirees with 25 years of service include payment by the state of 95% of insurance premiums for the retiree and his or her dependents and 60% of the retiree’s final average compensation for the final two years of service.1

    Contact Information

    Michigan State Police
    11508 Main St
    Honor, MI 49640

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does the Michigan State Police look for in prospective troopers?

      Answer: The department looks favorably upon those who have additional experience or education in criminal justice and can express special interest in joining the criminal justice community. Recruiters seek applicants who are driven, community-minded, and can work as part of a team, and also take the lead when necessary. The MSP also looks for those who follow a lifestyle of physical fitness and can perform physical fitness tasks at a level above the average for their age and gender.

    • How long does it take to become a trooper in Michigan?

      Answer: Applicants can expect the initial hiring and screening process to take approximately six months. Accepted recruits will then complete approximately 39 weeks, or 10 months, of training. Since there is often a delay between conditional hire and the start of the next training academy, the process from initial application to becoming a certified independent trooper can often take 18 months or longer.

    • What is the typical Michigan State Police salary?

      Answer: The annual starting salary for sworn Michigan State Police Troopers is $44,000.1 Salary differentials are available based on military experience. After six years of service, troopers also receive longevity pay.

    1. Michigan State Police: https://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,4643,7-123-62526_62528-285305-,00.html

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