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Gang Criminal Justice Directory

This is a researched, although not exhaustive directory of gangs in the United States. They are listed in alphabetical order, designed to educate the user on individual gang history, origin and scope of power. Sources for this directory include:


Anaheim Travelers City
This street gang is based in Anaheim, California; they may also be known by the name Anaheim Travelers City Los Malos. Their primary rivals are the SouthSide Krooks.

Aryan Brotherhood
The Aryan Brotherhood is a whites-only street gang and prison gang that is known for its viciousness and its presence in American prisons. The Brotherhood is particularly infamous for its complicated, two-stage encryption system, which allows incarcerated members to orchestrate violence against their enemies on the outside by writing a series of seemingly innocuous letters.

Asian Boyz
This 2,000 member gang, mostly Cambodian and Vietnamese men, was formed in the 1970s. They are one of the largest Asian-American gangs in the United States, having a presence in at least 14 states.

Asian Kick Ass
The Asian Kick Ass gang consists of Asian-Americans and operates in southern California, particularly in the San Gabriel Valley. They are known to associate with the Crips and have recently expanded eastward as far as Philadelphia.

Bahala Na
A Filipino gang which began in the 1940s and has made its way to the United States. They tag themselves with tattoos of question marks, snake and daggers, and the gangs initials – BNG.

Black Dragons
A Chinese American gang originating in California circa 1980. They are considered a threat to other Asian groups and are known for participating in organized crime as well as street level activity.

Black P. Stone Nation
One of the most violent street gangs in the US, with 7,000 members in seven distinct sub-sets that earn their income selling drugs, primarily cocaine. Black P. Stone Nation’s majority are black males who identify with a common culture and unite under a single leader.

Blood Red Dragons
The Blood Red Dragons are a violent Asian-American gang active on the streets and in many prisons in New England. They wear red, and may also call themselves the Boston Red Dragons.

Founded in the 1970s as a protective measure against the Crips, the Bloods are another aggressive street gang, whose membership of up to 30,000 is also made up almost exclusively of African-American men. Their primary income is the street-level sale and distribution of cocaine and marijuana but they are also known for their violence.

Born to Kill
Born to Kill is a street gang consisting of Vietnamese-Americans and immigrants from Vietnam. This gang is most active in California, Georgia, New Jersey, Mississippi, New York, Texas, and Hawaii.

Brown Pride
Brown Pride is a Mexican-American street gang based in Nashville, Tennessee. They are known for racially motivated violent crimes against white gangs.

Crazy Brother Clan
This is a street gang based in Long Beach, California. Most of the members are from southeast Asia; the gang may also be called Cold Blooded Cambodians.

Centered in Los Angeles and comprised predominately of African-American men, the Crips are one of the largest gangs in the U.S. with an estimated membership of 35,000. They are a dangerous group involved with distribution of illegal drugs; they have an intense rivalry with the Bloods.

Dead Man Incorporated
This is a white street gang that also has a large presence in American prisons. They wear black, use the tag “4 13 9,” and have recently expanded to include non-white members.

The Diablos are a Mexican-American street gang. They use the following tags: EVD, EVD1, VEV XIII, VEV SUR XIII, VEVX3, 5 22 4, and 13.

East Side Bolen
This is a Chicano street gang operating in the Baldwin Park area of the San Gabriel Valley. They also call themselves the Varrio East Side Bolen and the East Side Bolen Parque.

East Side Locos
This is a Latino street gang active throughout the west coast of the United States; there are also pockets of East Side Locos in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Kansas. The gang colors vary; the most common are white, black, orange, and blue.

Elm City Boys
The Elm City Boys are a street and prison gang with a predominantly African-American membership. They are the most powerful in New Haven, Connecticut, and wear black and green.

Emerson Murder Boys
This is a Minneapolis-based street gang whose members are African-American. They also refer to themselves as the Emerson Money Boys, Emerson Murder Boyz, and Emerson Murda Boyz.

Florencia 13
A Mexican gang that claims family ties to the Mexican Mafia, Florencia 13 has drug trafficking mastered at a multi-national level, with drug runners in the U.S. and Mexico. With a membership of around 3,000, this group is known for the production and distribution of methamphetamines across L.A., and is moving eastward.

Fresno Bulldogs
Considered the largest Mexican Street gang in Central L.A with an estimated 5,000 – 6,000 membership roster, the Fresno Bulldogs began in Fresno, California, in the 1960s. They are one of only a handful of Latino gangs that do not claim affiliation with any demographic region.

Gangster Disciples
This group, from the Chicago area, and lead by a chairman has a membership of around 50,000, mostly African-American men. Like most street gangs, they are known to generate a great deal of their funds from the sale of illegal drugs.

Girl Gangs
Female gangs are usually sub-sets of the larger, more aggressive male gangs, but carry a threat just the same. Usually not a focus of law enforcement, these gangs are a haven for young girls in impoverished neighborhoods across the Western United States.

Hells Angels
This primarily Caucasian motorcycle group with more than 2,500 members spanning six continents, is well-known by law enforcement for distributing marijuana. They are most known for their caravans of ear-busting Harley Davidsons motorcycles.

Hmong Nation Society
This is an Asian-American street gang with heavy concentrations in central California. They are embroiled in a bitter, violent rivalry with the gang known as Menace of Destruction.

Jackson Boys
An Asian street gang and secret society, rooted in San Fransisco’s China Town, this group is made of up a mixture of native-born and first generation immigrants from Vietnamese cultures. Members are known to vary their scope of crime, branching from car theft to money laundering.

Latin Eagles
The Latin Eagles are a street gang with Latino membership. They wear grey and black, and have serious rivalries with gangs such as the Spanish Gangster Disciples and the Spanish Cobras.

The Latin Kings
Originally formed as a social project in an attempt to overcome racial neglect and prejudices, they now have an untold number of members from all ethnicities. They try to maintain a positive appearance in their communities but take part in drugs, prostitution and homicides.

Latin Time Playboyz
The Latin Time Playboyz are a Hispanic gang in the greater Los Angeles area and have several hundred members. The gang is known for its involvement in the distribution of crack cocaine.

Los Solidos Nation
The Los Solidos Nation is a Hispanic gang with a large presence on the streets and in prisons. They are most concentrated in New York, Pennsylvania, and New England, and wear red and blue as their colors.

Manic Latin Disciples
Centered around the Great Lakes and Southwestern United States, this group of mostly Puerto-Rican men has grown to over 2,000 members since its inception in the late 1960s. They have a criminal record boasting drugs, assault, drive-by shootings, robbery and homicide, to name a few.

Mara Salvatrucha
Also known as MS 13, this group of Latin-Americans claims up to 50,000 members world-wide with law enforcement seeing activity coast to coast. They are known drug smugglers who deal primarily in marijuana and powdered cocaine but have also been involved with human trafficking and homicide.

The Maravilla gangs are a group of Hispanic gangs in eastern Los Angeles that are primarily active in Boyle Heights. There are nineteen known branches, each of which is known by its location followed by the word “Maravilla.”

The most violent of the motorcycle street gangs, the Mongols are known to have a large military presence, supporting their image as an all American boy’s club they often hold high-profile motorcycle events in major cities. A major source of income for this group of nearly 1,000 is the sales and distribution of cocaine.

Native Mob
The largest Native American street gang; many of the smaller gangs on reservations across the US claim affiliation. Drug trafficking is their major income generator.

This North Californian Hispanic group identify with the Nuestra Familia – the top rival to the Mexican Mafia. They have a long-standing rivalry with the Sureños and deal in the retail sale of illicit drugs.

Oriental Troops
This is an Asian-American street gang that wears black, white, grey, and/or blue. They are mostly concentrated in California’s Tulare County, and are rivals of the Nortenos gang.

Public Enemy Number One
This is a white street/ prison gang known for its white supremacist activities. They are allied with the Aryan Brotherhood and the Nazi Low Riders, and are most visible in Orange County, California.

One of the largest Caucasian gangs the Skinheads do not engage in territorial battles rather they act as a racist organization, targeting mostly African-Americans. The preferred weaponry for the Skinheads are baseball bats, and knives; they have known affiliations with other White Supremacy groups, including the KKK.

Sonny Side Wah Ching
The Sonny Side Wah Ching is a Chinese street gang and organized criminal entity based in San Francisco; it is one of many Chinese gangs known collectively as “Wah Ching.” This gang is heavily involved in the distribution of heroin, opium, and crack cocaine, and has recently expanded its activities into software bootlegging.

Sons of Death
The Sons of Death are a street gang with Asian-American membership that is based in San Francisco. Membership was initially restricted to a Laotian ethnic group called the Mien, but the Sons of Death now count Vietnamese and Pacific Islanders among their ranks as well.

Another prolific Hispanic gang, the Sureños originate from Southern California and claim allegiance to the Mexican Mafia. They claim over 53,000 documented members in Los Angeles, and an untold number of pledges scattered throughout the United States.

Tango Blast
Another in a series of Latino gangs, they are the hardest to pinpoint, having a lateral line of leadership, with members being appointed at random to represent the street and prison sub-groups. One of the largest gangs in Texas, Tango Blast was originally a prison group formed to protect the Hispanic inmates from the Aryan Brotherhood; they are now a feared group in the Texas Penal System.

Tiny Rascal Gangsters
An Asian organization with an estimated 10,000 members across 60 different sub-sets, they are collectively one of the most violent Asian street gangs in America. Active in the Southwestern region of the US, they are also known to hold sections of New England and deal in street drugs as a main source of income.

Tri-City Bombers
The Tri-City Bombers is a Hispanic street and prison gang from Texas that also goes by the name “Bombitas”. The gang now has branches in Iowa, Ohio and Minnesota; members sport tattoos with a round bomb attached to the letters “TCB”.

United Blood Nation (UBN)
An Eastern regional sect of the Bloods, founded by two men incarcerated in Rikers Island prison in the 1990s, they boast a membership 15,000 strong. Aside from drug involvement, some members of this group have extended their criminal activity to less violent acts: credit card fraud, extortion, and prostitution.

Varrio Hawaiian Gardens
This is a Hispanic street gang headquartered in Hawaiian Gardens, California. The gang is known for its racism and its efforts to expel all African-Americans from the area; according to many members this is the sole purpose of the gang.

Vice Lords National
A large organization, rumored to have upwards of 35,000 members, mostly African-American males in and around the Chicago area. They are a well structured gang, known in 28 states, and led by a group of chairmen who oversee their criminal activities, including street level drug sale.

This is a white supremacist street and prison gang with members throughout the United States and Europe. Members wear red, black, and white, and frequently use swastikas in their graffiti tags.

18th Street
This Hispanic group is made up of nearly 50,000 individuals – many of whom are illegal immigrants, who claim allegiance to a sub-group, led by a high ranging gang member. They are known in 20 states to be involved in criminal activities, primarily the sale of marijuana.