Jason R. Collins Discusses the Role of the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association and Provides Intelligence Analyst Career Insights

Jason R. Collins is the National Spokesperson for the FBI Intelligence Analysts Association (FBI IAA) a private, non-profit professional association and is not part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation or acting on the FBI’s behalf.

The association seeks to represent and advance the professional interests of FBI Intelligence Analysts within the FBI and externally to appropriate stakeholders in the executive branch and the Congress.

Collins is a 9 year employee with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is currently the Senior FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst detailed to the National Counterterrorism Center and has served in a number of analytic positions, including Presidential Daily Briefer to both the Director of the FBI and Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Can you let readers know the history and role of the FBI analyst?

The FBI has had analysts for a good part of its existence in many forms. These forms have constantly evolved to meet the changing demands of the FBI and the intelligence community. From the beginning of their existence, analysts have worked among and with FBI Special Agents to prevent crimes of all sorts including working against foreign intelligence activity and terrorism. (more…)

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