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Sample Paralegal Courses in a Paralegal Degree Program

Below is a sample paralegal syllabus that would be typical for a paralegal student to study while earning his/her paralegal degree.

Base Paralegal Coursework:

100 Introduction to Being a Paralegal (Criminal Justice System Overview)
PA 1105 Criminal Justice System
Introduces the student to the criminal justice system with emphasis on law and procedure. Topics covered include: criminal code, policing, attorneys, judges, constitutional rights, rules of evidence, plea bargaining, trials, and sentencing.

200 Introduction to Law and Contract
PA 1102 Introduction to the Law and Contracts
An introduction to the criminal justice system with an emphasis given to law and process. Included topics: state criminal code, law enforcement, judges, attorneys, trials, sentencing, plea bargaining, constitutional rights, and rules of evidence.

250 Legal Research level I
PA 2220 Legal Research
Introduces the student to using physical and digital law libraries and assists in research development with the use of administrative materials, reporters, statutes, digests, and secondary materials. Practice problems require the student to conduct legal research via traditional and electronic methods.

300 Legal Writing
PA 2222 Legal Writing and Analysis
The student will learn how to prepare case and trial briefs, investigative summaries, legal memoranda, and general legal correspondence to develop analytical writing skills.

310 Litigation I
PA 2202 Litigation and Trial Practice
This course places special emphasis on the role of paralegals in the litigation process. The student will examine specific aspects of rules of evidence, investigating and interviewing principles, and the practical uses of rules of civil procedure. Additionally, the course will cover the topics of discovery and preparation for trial, and familiarize students with the rules of professional responsibility.

310 Interviewing & Investigation
PA 2206 Interviewing and Investigating Techniques
Examines general techniques of interviewing and investigating with special emphasis placed on the practical aspects of interviewing witnesses and clients, and investigating cases. Introduces the student to interviewing and investigating techniques and covers the practical elements of witness and client interviews.

Other Paralegal Coursework:

205 Corporate Law
210 Family Law
PA 2201 Family Law

215 Property Law
PA 2205 Real Estate Law

220 Wills and Estate Administration — Probate
PA 2204 Probate

315 Legal Research II
320 Elder Law
325 Personal Injury Law
345 Criminal Law and Procedure
350 Professional Ethics
355 Introduction to Contracts
390 Special Topics in Legal Studies
410 Bankruptcy and Collections

Other Popular Courses:

ENGLISH 205 Business and Technical Writing
ENGLISH 210 Editing and Grammar