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New York State Trooper Requirements

How to Become a New York State Trooper

The first step to becoming a New York State Trooper is to take an entrance exam and complete the application. After that, candidates are called in for an interview and processing, based on their ranking from the exam and any applicable Veteran’s Preference credits. Candidates are then evaluated regarding their physical performance, psychological evaluation, medical examination, a polygraph test, and the written examination.

New York State Trooper/Highway Patrol Job Description

A New York State Trooper has many jobs duties, ranging from traditional duties to specialized investigations. They enforce vehicle and traffic laws as well as general law enforcement in many regions across the state. Troopers are called on to testify in court and to help prosecute the cases. They respond to emergency situations, and are required to make split second decisions in high stakes scenarios.

New York State Trooper/Highway Patrol Training, Prerequisites and Educational Requirements

To become a New York State Trooper candidates must be at least 20 years old, but not older than 30 when their application is filed. However, this age limit may be extended by six years, if an applicant has active duty military service. Applicants must be a citizen of the US and have a high school diploma. An automatic disqualification occurs for a felony conviction.

Additionally applicants must have completed at least 60 hours at an accredited college or university, which can be replaced with two years of active duty military experience or a Certified Police Officer Training Course approved by the New York State Municipal Police Training council. They must also be a New York state resident and hold a valid drivers license from New York. A passing score in a physical ability test is also required (flexibility, dynamic strength, cardiovascular endurance) in addition to specific weight and height requirements. Potential State Troopers must be able to work any shift, including holidays. Candidates are also required to have at least 20/100 eyesight uncorrected and 20/20 corrected. They must not have any visible tattoos, brands, body art, and body piercings.

New York State Trooper/Highway Patrol Salary and Job Outlook

New York State Trooper/Highway Patrol base salary is $50,374 during Academy training. After training, the salary increases to $66,905. After one year, the salary increases to $71,261. Salaries rise again after five years to $84,739. Troopers are also offered a number of promotional opportunities. After four years of service or two years plus a bachelor’s degree, officers can become an investigator and make $94,335. After four years, they may be promoted to Sergeant and make $99,849 a year. Officers may then be promoted to Lieutenant after serving two years as a Sergeant and make $119,365.

Troopers receive 120 hours of vacation time a year as well as 96 hours of holiday time. They are entitled to 104 hours of sick leave a year and 24-40 hours of personal leave. There are also health, dental and optical insurance coverage as well as retirement benefits.

Contact Information

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