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Florida Highway Patrol Officer Requirements

How to Become a Florida Highway Patrol Officer

In order to become a Florida State Trooper one must be physically fit and have either a GED or a high school diploma. A successful candidate will also have completed at least 30 semester hours at the college or university level. Preference is given to those who have completed 60 credit hours or more. Two years of continuous military service is considered an appropriate substitute. After those minimum requirements are fulfilled, an application will need to be filled out and sent to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If the application is accepted, the applicant must graduate from the Florida State Trooper Training Academy before becoming a fully fledged State Trooper.

Florida Highway Patrol Officer Job Description

A Florida State Trooper ensures that all laws and regulations are followed within State boundaries. A State Trooper specializes in ensuring the safety of citizens and visitors on Florida’s highways. A Florida State Trooper will be called upon to prevent and investigate cases of fraud, homicide, drug crime, and traffic offenses. The safety and security of motor vehicles and passengers is paramount, and routine patrols are necessary to prevent and properly prosecute criminal activity.

Florida Highway Patrol Training, Prerequisites, and Educational Requirements

Aside from the educational requirements listed above, a successful applicant will need to pass an eye exam, a physical ability test, and a written test. The Physical ability test requires that the candidate by physically capable of performing the tasks typically expected of a Florida State Trooper. The test consists of alternating between an obstacle, running, and moving a 150 pound training dummy. The test must be completed in six minutes and four seconds (6:04). The written test, otherwise known as the FL-CJBAT, requires candidates to successfully pass the minimum basic verbal, linguistic, spatial, and memorization abilities required of a Florida State Trooper.

Florida Highway Patrol Salary and Job Outlook

Applications can be submitted at any time, and the State of Florida is always on the lookout for talented candidates. An Academy recruit will begin earning a monthly salary of $2,514. Upon graduation the salary will rise to $33,977.04 annually. Troopers with two years experience may be promoted to Corporal, and those with five years experience may be promoted to Sergeant.

Contact Information

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