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There are a number of online and local Delaware paralegal schools, which is a good thing because the second smallest state has one of the highest per capita rates for paralegal work in the state. That could be because of the lenient laws for incorporation, something that paralegal students can learn more about in a paralegal degree program.

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Widener University: The Law Center at Widener University offers students the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies, an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies or a Paralegal Certificate. All programs are American Bar Association approved, with the Paralegal Certificate having seven different concentrations: Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Litigation, Health Law, Real Estate Law, Estate Administration, and Intellectual Property. Students complete either an internship or practicum, providing them with the needed experience for successfully obtaining employment upon graduation. Paralegal students who are burdened with busy day time schedule can enroll in one or more of the Law Center’s many online courses.

Wilmington University: The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences has an American Bar Association approved Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies and Legal Studies Certificate. The BS is a full four year degree while the certificate program is designed for individuals who already possess an undergraduate degree or have a considerable amount of professional experience. Both academic sequences require the completion of core courses such as Introduction to Legal Studies as well as Legal Research, followed by specialized advanced electives. Students that wish to work with fellow Legal Studies majors and build professional networks can join Lambda Epsilon Chi: Legal Studies Honor Society.

Paralegals can’t appear in court on behalf of a law firm’s clients, or file motions themselves. They can perform research, assist with intake interviews and just about every other task a lawyer might perform. The coursework, then, is wide-ranging and includes both research coursework to effectively cite cases that form precedent and classes on how to write legal documents properly.

How to Become a Paralegal in Delaware

There is no specific training that is mandated by the state in order to practice as a paralegal in the state of Delaware. People aspiring to enter into the paralegal workforce can do so either by completing an educational course or by opting to be trained while on the job. In 2005, the Delaware Paralegal Association allowed paralegals to bolster their professional credentials by offering a voluntary state certification. Many aspiring paralegals have found that having some kind of educational credential does give them an edge in the job market.

The median income for paralegals in the state of Delaware is $50,870.00.

Curriculum at Delaware Paralegal Schools

Academically, Delaware paralegal schools offer curricula that mirror those of law schools, with courses on contract law, litigation, tort law and more. With two and four year degree programs as options, students can learn about specific aspects of law that interest them, including wills and probate or admiralty law. Internships are elective for many programs, but can provide valuable on-the-job experience for a stronger resume.

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Paralegal Schools in Delaware

Among the programs that are certified American Bar Association are the Delaware Technical and Community College’s associates degree program based in Georgetown. Wesley College in Dover, Widener University Law Center in Wilmington and Wilmington University in New Castle all offer bachelor’s degrees in paralegal studies and postgraduate certificates for those already with some post high-school education. Wesley and Widener are two Delaware paralegal schools that also offer’s two-year associate’s degree programs.

And if the schedules of those schools don’t work for some adults, there are several online programs that offer similar course work to those Delaware paralegal schools, such as Kaplan University’s associate’s degree in paralegal studies or Westwood College’s associate’s degree program.

Top Law Firms for Paralegal Graduates in Delaware

Richards, Layton & Finger is not only the largest law firm headquartered in Delaware but also one of the oldest. Its convenient location between New York City and Washington, D.C. allows it to service clients across the region in its specialties of corporate law, M&A, and general and civil litigation. It seeks out the highest quality staff to join its team. Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP (MNAT) is a law firm based in Delaware with a national presence, and bases its success on the commitment of its attorneys, paralegals, and other staff. MNAT looks for experienced, well organized paralegal and support staff with strong interpersonal skills to support its client base. Duane Morris LLP is an internationally recognized consulting and legal firm, and has an office in Wilmington. After over 100 years in business, Duane Morris needs top candidates with superior academic performance and integrity to join its staff.

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Paralegal Schools in Delaware

Widener University (Wilmington, DE)
Paralegal Degrees Offered:
Associate of Science | Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Science | Paralegal Studies
Certificate | Paralegal

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