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Delaware Criminal Justice Schools

  • 4 schools offering criminal justice degrees in Delaware are in our database. (see below)
  • 1 offer associate’s degrees or certificates and 3 of them offer bachelor’s degrees and above
  • We found 1 school in Delaware ranked in US News and World Reports that have a criminal justice program: #31 University of Delaware–Newark, DE
  • We found 1 doctorate program ranked by The Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice: #23 University of Delaware.
  • According to Kiplinger’s, Delaware has 1 university ranked in the top 100 for “Values in Public Colleges”, #23 University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • 10 campus-based and online schools in Delaware are available for requesting information.

Profiles of Well-Known Schools in Delaware

University of Delaware: The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware provides the opportunity for individuals to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice or a Masters of Arts or Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology. There exist two research centers within the department; the Center for Drugs and Alcohol Studies and the Disaster Research Center. Both facilitate collaborative research between students, faculty and outside experts. Part of the undergraduate curriculum is an optional field experience course in which students spend time within actual local, state or federal agency offices. Students also have the opportunity to seek pre-law advising to assure that their undergraduate years are spent preparing them for law school.

Wilmington University: The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Wilmington University has both a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Administration of Justice. Through becoming a member of the Criminal Justice Association, students have many opportunities to pursue real-world professional experiences. Often the activities on which the students embark through the association include a tour of the Philadelphia Police Department, a tour of Washington, D.C. or a tour of the Delaware State Police Museum. The college also has its own unique study abroad program in Ireland during which students travel the country to visit numerous Irish government offices and correctional facilities.

Delaware Criminal Justice Salary and Jobs

Occupation Number Employed Average Annual Salary
Correctional Officers and Jailers N/A N/A
First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives 270 $90,290
Detectives and Criminal Investigators 80 $95,380
Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers 1,610 $60,730

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2011.

Police Quote: “There are only two things that we control in our careers. Our integrity and our work ethic. Integrity is key in policing. It’s too big a topic to discuss in detail here but the bottom line is that you need to be vigilant in living your Oath and Values. There is nothing worth sacrificing your integrity for and the ends never justify the means. You need to develop a strong ethical decision-making process and apply it consistently.” -Glenn Hoff, Retired Deputy Police Chief Chief and founder of Guardian Leadership

Respected leaders who have graduated from universities in Delaware

  • Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States – University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper – University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • Governor of New Jersey Christopher Christie – University of Delaware, Newark, DE
  • Former Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner – Delaware Technical Community College

Delaware Criminal Justice Degrees

One of the smallest states in the Union, Delaware is nevertheless home to one of the country’s biggest opportunities. Delaware is home to one of the highest violent crime rates in the country—almost 50% above the national average. In addition, it has a population which is projected to continue growing over the coming decades.

Although Delaware is located relatively close to the nation’s capital, it has relatively few Federal institutions, other than Dover Air Force Base. However, both the state and the local agencies make up for the relative lack of federal opportunities in the criminal justice area. A Delaware Criminal Justice degree is recommended for those interested in getting started in the field of criminal justice. Although not always a strict requirement, having a degree can differentiate you from other candidates who are competing for an open position. It will also prepare you for the challenges you will face and provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge that will give you the best chance at a long and successful career at your chosen profession.

Deleware’s Criminal Justice Employment Outlook 3,4,5,6

As of September 2014, the unemployment rate for Delaware is 6.5%. This is above the national average of 5.8%, but still below the peak unemployment rate of 8.7% from December of 2009. Delaware’s most recent unemployment low occurred in December of 2007, with a rate of 3.9%. According to Projection Central, there are few criminal justice employment opportunities projected. The outlook includes the following:

  • Police and Sheriff Patrol: 60 annual openings/88% in positions report some college or bachelor’s degree
  • Correctional Officers: 60 annual openings/60% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree
  • Security Guards: 70 annual openings
  • Paralegals: 40 annual openings/88% in positions report some college, or bachelor’s degree

Available positions would be a result of growth and replacements.

The Mercatus Center, a conservative think tank, analyzed and rated each state for long-term solvency. After examining the Delaware’s budgeting process, cash/tax collection, and pensions, it ranked Delaware 43rd in the nation. This is an indicator of employment practices that warrants the new hire to keep a close watch on the state’s ability to fulfill the obligation to pay employee pensions.

Online and Delaware Criminal Justice Schools

If you live in Delaware, we recommend the following accredited campus-based and online criminal justice programs for students interested in pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the growing field of criminal justice.

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Tip: If you don’t live near a campus-based school that offers a program of interest, consider an online degree or a university in an adjacent state (Pennsylvania , Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, and West Virginia).

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Delaware Criminal Justice Salary

The average annual salary for police and patrol officers in Delaware is $58,220.1 The state police offer a post-training salary of $50,735 2 and require completion of significant work at college for consideration. Finally, the Delaware Department of Correction is currently looking to bring correctional officers on board.

Directory of Delaware Universities Offering Criminal Justice Degrees

Delaware Technical and Community College (Dover, Georgetown, Newark)
Associate of Science | Drug/Alcohol Counseling
Associate of Science | Homeland Security And Emergency Management
Associate of Science | Information Security
Associate of Science | Law Enforcement
Certificate | Drug/ Alcohol Counseling

Wesley College (Dover)
Bachelor of Science | Law and Justice Studies
Bachelor of Science | Law and Justice Studies: Legal Studies
Bachelor of Science | Law and Justice Studies: Criminal Justice
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Law and Justice Studies
Minor | Criminal Justice

Widener University (Wilmington)
Dual Degree | Criminal Justice/Political Science
Dual Degree | Socia Work/Criminal Justice
Joint PsyD/ MA | Criminal Justice
Master of Arts | Criminal Justice
Minor | Criminal Justice
Minor | Forensic Accounting

Wilmington University (New Castle)
Bachelor of Science | Administration of Justice
Bachelor of Science | Administration of Justice (online program)
Master of Science | Administration of Justice
Master of Science | Administration of Justice (online program)
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Leadership and Administration
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Leadership and Administration (online program)
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Criminal Behavior
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Criminal Behavior (online program)
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Homeland Security
Master of Science | Administration of Justice: Homeland Security (online program)
Master of Science | Homeland Security
Master of Science | Homeland Security (online program)
Master of Science | Homeland Security: Safety & Security Specialization
Master of Science | Homeland Security: Organizational Leadership
Master of Science | Homeland Security: Information Assurance
Certificate | Conflict Resolution
Certificate | Criminal Justice
Certificate | Digital Evidence Discovery
Certificate | Digital Evidence Investigation
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate | Homeland Security

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