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Jacksonville Police Department Officer Requirements

How to Become a Jacksonville, Florida Police Officer

The hiring process for a Jacksonville police officer consists of several parts including a written skills test, physical ability test, polygraph examination, background investigation (including credit history, driving history, employment and residence for previous ten years and criminal history), oral board interview and psychological evaluation. There is also a medical test including a stress test and screening for drugs. It is recommended that applications are typewritten or completed online.

Jacksonville, Florida Police Officer Job Description

Police officers in Jacksonville, Florida must be US citizens of at least 21 years of age with a valid Florida driving license. Applicants should have either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree (60 semester/90 quarter hours) with four years of active military/law enforcement experience or 90 semester/135 quarter hours with two years active military/law enforcement experience. As well as the educational requirements, applicants should be of good moral character, have a clean record and be able to pass the physical fitness test.

Jacksonville police officers protect people and property in the city of Jacksonville. They do this by enforcing laws, including traffic codes, and assisting citizens in emergencies. Recruits attend the Jacksonville Police Academy for their training, where they learn about all the various aspects of police work. After completing two years in patrol, officers can chose to stay in their zone or move into one of sixteen other units: Detective Unit, Organized Crimes, Motorcycle, K-9, Mounted Unit, Marine Unit, Aviation Unit, Bicycle Unit, Community Affairs Division, Hostage Negotiator, Field Training, Intelligence, SWAT, Dive Unit, Crime Scene Evidence Technicians or Reserves.

Jacksonville, Florida Police Officer Salary and Job Outlook

The base salary for a Jacksonville police officer follows a 17-year career path, starting at $37,356 annually, rising by 5% after completing training, and reaching $56,388 after six years and $64,409 after 17 years. A sergeant earns 17% more than an officer and a lieutenant earns 17% more than a sergeant. Typically these salaries would increase every year after applicable collective bargaining agreements. There are pay premiums for working shifts, out-of-classification and for those who have undertaken advanced training. Jacksonville police officers may also be eligible to receive education incentives.

Potential applicants can find more details and application forms online at www.joinjso.com.

Contact Information

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Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
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