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Columbus Police Department Officer Requirements

How to Become a Columbus, Ohio Police Officer

Columbus police department hiringThe first step to becoming a Columbus police officer is to file an application with the Columbus Civil Service Commission. Once the commission approves the application the candidate will take a four-part test. How well the recruit does on the exam determines where he or she will be placed on the eligibility list. The top applicants will get priority. The applicant must undergo a complete background check as well as provide pictures and fingerprints. The applicant will then take a polygraph exam. A board of three veteran officers will convene and conduct an oral interview. The final two steps of the process are a psychological and medical evaluation which includes cardio stress and vision tests. To start the process, candidates should go to the department’s recruiting website.

Columbus Police Officer Job Description

Columbus police officers uphold the law, serve and protect the citizens, as well as ensure safety. The officers patrol their beat and maintain order. They receive advanced training in order to prevent crime. There are a variety of divisions within the department, such as SWAT, narcotics, and K-9 units, that work together to keep the peace.

Columbus Police Officer Training, Prerequisites and Educational Requirements

The minimum education requirements to be accepted into the academy are: a high school diploma or a GED. An applicant must also be a US citizen, have a valid driver’s license and be 21 years of age by the time he or she graduates the academy.

Once accepted into the Academy, recruits will complete a 6-month course during which they are paid as an entry level police officer. The academy covers a variety of courses including criminal law, emergency vehicle operations, gang activity, defense tactics, firearms training, search and seizure, and rules of evidence.

Columbus Police Officer Salary and Job Outlook

An officer who is fresh out of the academy will earn around $43,000 a year and top out at a base pay of $66,000 annually after four years. Officers are also eligible for several benefits such as tuition reimbursement, health insurance, paid leave and more. After three years with the department an officer may take a Sergeant’s Exam to pursue a promotion to sergeant.

Contact Information

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColumbusPolice?fref=ts
Twitter: @ColumbusPolice

Columbus Police Department
120 Marconi Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215

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