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Information Systems Security Degree

An information systems security degree can help individuals develop valuable skills in an increasingly digital world. The growing reliance on the internet and information systems by corporations and government agencies has led to continuous attacks from a growing number of hackers and cybercriminals and a strong need for individuals who can protect these systems.

Information Systems Security Training and Courses

Degrees in information systems security are often offered as four-year bachelor’s programs or multi-year master’s programs, combining the study of information systems design, network security, and criminal investigation. Oftentimes, these degree programs are combined with certification options from Cisco, Comp TIA A+, or similar organizations that can improve employment prospects.

Did you know? It is estimated that a third or more of US cyber attacks originate outside of the United States. – Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus

Job Opportunities for Information Systems Security Degree Program Graduates

Graduates will have completed coursework in how to properly set up computer networks of varying sizes, how to work with users to improve security, and how to monitor for and prevent intrusions. Graduates can find work throughout the corporate sector as well as in government.

There are many law enforcement applications for degree holders. For example, the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies regularly recruit for those with network and information systems security degrees because of the recent growth in the use of computers for espionage or fraud. There are also positions in county and state agencies, especially those that deal with forensic accounting and other data-intensive investigative work.

CJDS Fact: A recent study found that cybersecurity hacks cost companies an estimated $243 billion per year – in the US alone.1

Career Outlook for the Information Security Field

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for businesses to store and transmit sensitive information will lead to strong growth in jobs for information security specialists, with an estimated 18% increase in employment through 2024.2 Salary for these specialists varies according to education, experience, and the employer, but information security analysts overall earned an average median annual salary of $90,120 in 2015.2

Online Information Security Degrees and Criminal Justice Programs

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What Jobs Can You Get With an Information Systems Security Degree?

An information systems security degree program can help students prepare to enter the job market in careers like:

You can also view current job openings in your state and research job requirements at our criminal justice job board.

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